Scoutmaster Conferences

Signing up for Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review

When a Scout is ready to sign up for a Scoutmaster conference he needs to bring his book to Mr. Ashcraft so that he can make sure he has all the requirements signed off and input into the computer. If all the requirements for the rank are completed his name will be added to the list of Scouts on the signup sheet. No one but Mr. Ashcraft, Advancement Chair, or Mr. Stewart, Scoutmaster, should be adding to this sheet. The Scouts are called for conferences in the order they are signed up. Conferences are held based on the availability of Asst. Scoutmasters, activities going on in the yard and attendance of Scouts. After a Scoutmaster Conference the Scout needs to come back to see Mr. Ashcraft to let him know he is ready to be added to the Board of Review sheet. This is not done automatically because some Scouts know they will be out and don’t need to be on the list for another week or two. Mr. Ashcraft also likes to let them know where on the list they are so that they have a general idea of when to come ready for their Board. Scouts need to make sure that their books are being signed correctly, with month, date and year and initials of the person signing off the requirement.