Merit Badges



A large part of the Scouting experience is earning Merit Badges.  There are over 120 different badges a boy can earn with topics ranging from fishing and hiking to citizenship and environmental science.

To see a list of Merit Badges and to print out worksheets listing requirements, go here.

Scouts can work on merit badges at Summer and Fall camps, at special merit badge workshops, at meetings, and on their own.

Summer and Fall Camp

Scouts will pick out the classes they want to take before going to camp from the list offered. Please do not have your scout sign up for a merit badge he started at camp another time thinking he will finish it in a second go around. Requirements not finished at camp are not finished there for a reason. For example: Citizen in Community‚Äôs requirement to attend a city hall or school board meeting and report about it would be impossible to do at a camp. The camps will send the Troop Advancement Chair a spread sheet with all the information on what the scouts accomplished at camp and she will enter this into Troopmaster, our advancement software. Please be patient about getting this info back. The camps have a lot to enter in the spreadsheet, and then it is quite a bit to enter when they get it to us. Scouts can finish the badges they didn’t complete at camp by getting with a merit badge counselor in the troop.

Merit Badge Classes

Special merit badge classes are offered at places like Moody Gardens, museums, and various universities. Scouts can get blue cards from the Troop Scoutmaster before they go if they are asked to bring them. When they come back they need to bring the cards to the Troop Advancement Chair so they can be recorded.

Individual Merit Badge Work

If a scout decides he wants to work on a merit badge on his own he should first obtain a blue card from the Troop Scoutmaster. He should then identify and contact a Merit Badge Counselor to work with him. When he has completed the badge the scout will bring the Troop Advancement Chair the card and they will record the information and file the card.

Merit Badge Counselors

There are several Merit Badge Counselors within our Troop.  A list of counselors can be found here.

A Scout may also use a counselor from the Bay Area Council list which can be found here:

BACBSA Merit Badge Counselor List

We are always in need of more Merit Badge Counselors.  If you have a particular skill or interest, we welcome you to apply.  To become a Merit Badge Counselor you will need to fill out the Merit Badge Counselor Application, an Adult Application for membership and complete the online Youth Protection Training (YPT).  For more information, please see the Troop Advancement Chair.