Last Call For Auction Items! (Pancake Supper)

Hola Scout Families,

Well, our big event is this Saturday (with setup on Friday night)!
Y’all are doing great, but keep those auction items coming!  We have just over 50% of the auction items we should have.
LAST CALL, LAST CALL — Bring your auction items Tuesday!
If you know what you are bringing, you can email me so I can add it to the list and get the prep work done for it.
If you need until Friday night to bring an item, PLEASE email me and let me know what it is.  We simple cannot record, group up, prep bid sheets and sort out live vs silent items, for a bunch of stuff arriving Friday night.
Sorry to keep nagging, but let me say two things:
1) Our guests, our supporters deserve a good bunch of items and a good time
2) This will all be over this weekend, and then I won’t harass you any more!  🙂
Many thanks,

Pancake Supper Chairman