Troop 464 Parent Appreciation Night!

Next week, on Tuesday, October 27th, Troop 464 will be hosting a Parent Appreciation Night and Dinner.

This will be a great opportunity for any Scout Parents/Families to come and see all the cool stuff your boys have been working on and what we have in store.

It will also give you a chance to:

  • Learn more about our Troop’s history and strengths
  • Learn more about Troop roles, functions and activities
  • Find out how to get involved

Please make sure to RSVP!

For more details, see the flyer below.


All 4 Camp K Spirit Day at Gringo’s

Troop 464 would like to invite all scout supporters from the area to support our “All 4 Camp K” spirit day at Gringo’s (Pearland/Friendswood location only) on Monday June 1st!

All proceeds from this event will be used at Camp K for improvements in the council ring area: bench improvements, presentation area or otherwise.

How can you help? Well… We all know people that like and need to eat… Please help us spread the word about this event and encourage the folks in your circles to eat at Gringo’s East Pearland on June 1st AND bring the  flyer (see link below)!

Thank you all for you support of scouting and the Bay Area Council!



Skeeter Game/Planning Day/Patrol Olympics

This is a reminder about our big weekend on Aug 7-9. It will include the Skeeters game camp out on Friday, annual planning meeting on Saturday morning, then newly annual patrol olympics Saturday afternoon. The information for the Skeeters game is listed below. Additional information is posted in the scout house. Signup sheet is up. We will need payment by the MAY 26 meeting (next week) so that we can pre-register and assure that we can get tickets. The previous years it has been sold out. Please pay Mr. Kevin Campbell this Tuesday May 19 or next Tuesday May 26.

If your son is not able to attend the game then we hope to see him at the planning meeting and patrol olympics on Saturday. It will include, but not limited to, scout skills, sports, and trivia as well as some more events that Mr.Albee and Mr.Hamlin can conjure up for our kids.


From the Skeeters:
Calling all Boy Scouts! It is already that time of year again! The Sugar Land Skeeters are excited to announce that our Fourth Annual Boy Scout Sleepover Night will be taking place on Friday, August 7th, 2015! Much like the past three seasons, the game will start at 7:05PM and the Sleepover will run from the end of the game until 8AM on Saturday morning. The Sleepover package will include: a ticket to the Skeeters game on August 7th against the Long Island Ducks, a one of a kind Skeeters patch, a midnight snack, a movie on the Texas-sized scoreboard, campout on the field, and complimentary breakfast the following morning!

Tickets are officially on sale now! This event has sold out each of the last three seasons, so do not miss your opportunity to participate again in 2015! You may see the attached flier for additional information and feel free to pass it along to anyone who may want to see it. Also attached to this e-mail are the planned itineraries and list of rules that we have for this event. Please note that all of these initial details are subject to change in the coming months. As always, please do not hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions, or are ready to reserve your Troop’s spot! Have a great rest of your week!

The following prices are listed per person:

$26: Game ticket + sleepover ticket + food voucher good for a hot dog, chips and a drink
$20: Game ticket + sleepover ticket
$18: Game ticket + food voucher good for a hot dog, chips and a drink
$12.99: Game ticket only

Pancake Supper Information

2015 Pancake Supper Kickoff!


Pancake Supper Tickets will be distributed to all members of Troop 464 beginning this Tuesday night (Dec 16, 2014)!


This is our one and only fund raiser – We need your help to make this a successful event, so that we can help to fund our scouts and troop!


Ticket Sales:


1.Each Scout will receive a minimum of 50 tickets to be sold at $6 each ($300 total). Scouts can receive additional tickets in groups of 50 at any time from Mr. Hergert, Mrs Patino, Mr Hamlin, or Mr Zamora.


2. Scouts should always use the buddy system when selling tickets… never go selling door-to-door alone.


3. If a Scout sells at least $300 of tickets, he will earn 150 points to his Scout account for future Scout-related events (summer camp, fall camp, etc.). Any tickets sold above the $300 will earn half a point toward his account. For example, if Johnny sells 60 tickets, he will receive 180 points in his Scout account. The Scout must sell at least $300 worth of tickets from individual and group sales in order to receive any points in his Scout account. Otherwise all proceeds go toward the Troop fund.


4. Individual Sales Contest – Corporate sponsors are funding a cash sales contest for the top individual ticket seller. Tickets sold at group sales events (see Item 5 below) are not eligible for the sales contest. The scout selling the most tickets in individual sales as of Tuesday, March 3 will be awarded a cash prize. This cash prize is separate from the scout credit mentioned in Item 3 above.


5. Group Sales and Turning In Ticket Money information will follow at a later date.


Auction Items:


About 50% of the proceeds of our Pancake Supper & Auction come from the auction portion of our event. The key to a successful auction is popular auction items. As a result, every Scout is expected to bring two auction items for the pancake supper auction. Auction items can be delivered to the scout house any Tuesday night prior to the event.


Rather than purchase two items, this year we are stressing that you solicit auction item donations from local businesses and employers. In additional to being less of a financial burden to the Scout families, it will also improve the quality of auction items we receive. A donor letter is available to any business who requests documentation. The final date for auction items will be announced come at a later date.

FUMC Gift Basket Delivery

All scouts and scouters,


Our year is coming to an end.  We always help FUMC with gift basket delivery in the area.  As an appreciation for the scouts’ help, we are taking the kids out for an overnight at Stone Moves Rock Gym that night paid by the Troop Committee.


Gift baskets distribution starts at 7:30 am.

Stone Moves departure 10 pm.


Thank you,

Hung Pham

National Jamboree 2013 at The Summit

Get ready! The Boy Scouts of America 2013 National Scout Jamboree is scheduled for July 15-23, 2013! The event is filled with serious high adventure activities, such as whitewater rafting, zip-lining, rappelling, mountain biking, hiking, and more! Join 50,000 of your closest friends at the brand new Summit Bechtel Reserve in the wilds of West Virginia.

July 2013 seems like a long way off, but plans are already in-progress, and registration is now open for the Bay Area Council (BAC) contingent that will participate in Jambo ’13! Hurry and register, so you can be one of the first Scouts to ever camp at The Summit! Once selected, participants will be assigned to one of three Jambo Troops within the BAC contingent, and they will be required to attend monthly meethings in preparation for the trip.

ASM Dennis Gittens from our Troop has already been selected as a member of the BAC contingent, and some of our Scouts have already registered to attend.

The BAC contingent will (tentatively) leave the Houston area via bus, approximately 5-7 days prior to the start of camp, stopping along the way for exciting activities (suggested events are stopping in Memphis, TN, to ride and have lunch on a riverboat, and visiting Washington, DC, among others). Though final decisions have not yet been made regarding the trip itinerary, planning is underway.

The cost of the trip for BAC members will be between $2200 – $2500 per participant. This includes the cost of the Jambo, a duffel bag, food and travel fees, and three complete uniforms (provided by BAC).


Visit the Summit Bechtel Reserve webpage, and click on the Sign-In link at the top of the page. If you do not already have an account, you may make a new one by clicking on the Create Login link (it appears beneath the Login and Cancel buttons on the webpage). Follow the instructions in order to complete your registration with The Summit. After registration, please send an email message to ASM Gittens, to let him know you’re planning to participate.

Click on the following link to get a taste of what’s in store for participants:

The Summit Bechtel Reserve | The Boy Scouts of America Push Adventure To The Next Level