Lost Maples Camping

The signup sheet for the Lost Maples campout is now posted in the scout house.

Lost Maples is a beautiful park which offers lots of hiking and scenic views. Details about the park can be found here:
Lost Maples State Natural Area — Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

This trip will require some backpacking to get to & from our site. There is no minimum age limit or rank requirement, however, scouts (and adults) must come prepared to carry their gear at least 1 to 3 miles to and from camp.

In the coming weeks we will discuss proper gear and food preparation (grub masters will bring trail food which will be prepared on jet-boil stoves).

This camp is going to be a fun & unique experience for all who attend!

Sign-up now in the scout house! Signup will close on 9/29.

Contact Mr. Hamlin with any questions.

Skeeter Game/Planning Day/Patrol Olympics

This is a reminder about our big weekend on Aug 7-9. It will include the Skeeters game camp out on Friday, annual planning meeting on Saturday morning, then newly annual patrol olympics Saturday afternoon. The information for the Skeeters game is listed below. Additional information is posted in the scout house. Signup sheet is up. We will need payment by the MAY 26 meeting (next week) so that we can pre-register and assure that we can get tickets. The previous years it has been sold out. Please pay Mr. Kevin Campbell this Tuesday May 19 or next Tuesday May 26.

If your son is not able to attend the game then we hope to see him at the planning meeting and patrol olympics on Saturday. It will include, but not limited to, scout skills, sports, and trivia as well as some more events that Mr.Albee and Mr.Hamlin can conjure up for our kids.


From the Skeeters:
Calling all Boy Scouts! It is already that time of year again! The Sugar Land Skeeters are excited to announce that our Fourth Annual Boy Scout Sleepover Night will be taking place on Friday, August 7th, 2015! Much like the past three seasons, the game will start at 7:05PM and the Sleepover will run from the end of the game until 8AM on Saturday morning. The Sleepover package will include: a ticket to the Skeeters game on August 7th against the Long Island Ducks, a one of a kind Skeeters patch, a midnight snack, a movie on the Texas-sized scoreboard, campout on the field, and complimentary breakfast the following morning!

Tickets are officially on sale now! This event has sold out each of the last three seasons, so do not miss your opportunity to participate again in 2015! You may see the attached flier for additional information and feel free to pass it along to anyone who may want to see it. Also attached to this e-mail are the planned itineraries and list of rules that we have for this event. Please note that all of these initial details are subject to change in the coming months. As always, please do not hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions, or are ready to reserve your Troop’s spot! Have a great rest of your week!

The following prices are listed per person:

$26: Game ticket + sleepover ticket + food voucher good for a hot dog, chips and a drink
$20: Game ticket + sleepover ticket
$18: Game ticket + food voucher good for a hot dog, chips and a drink
$12.99: Game ticket only

Summer 2014 OA Event Bechtel Summit

Subject: Wihinipa Hinsa Lodge (#574) – OA Summit Trail Crew Experience

The Summit Bechtel Reserve is the newest High Adventure Base operated by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. OA Summit Trail Crew Experience is an eight day experience at the Summit Bechtel Reserve. The first four days are service days building trails or similar work. The last four days are focused on kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, climbing and other Summit activities.

Some of you may be OA candidates, but as long as you complete your Ordeal in January, you can still apply for the event. In addition, you must be 14 by the start of the week you would be attending.

The cost of this event is $250, plus travel. There is a $50(non-refundable) deposit to apply. Although interested scouts must apply individually, we are trying to see how many people may have interest, in order to see if we can plan a group of scouts for travel purposes. Further information and the application can be found at the link below.


I am planning the troop for July 20th session. The boys will fly or ride up to the summit and return the same way. If you have any questions, please contact me at 409.457.6258. The deadline for the OA trail crew is December 1st, so we can have all the paper work submitted by December 15th and start the planning of the trip.

Darron J. Ray