Merit Badge Counselor Training

Attention Parents and Leaders – we will have Merit Badge Counselor Training on Thursday, April 2nd from 7 pm – 8:30 pm

This training, led by Northern Star District, will provide you with all of the information you need to become a Merit Badge Counselor.

What is a Merit Badge Counselor, you ask?

As you know, a large part of Scouting consists of the boys earning Merit Badges. Badges can be earned at various camps and classes but also on an individual basis. That is where the Merit Badge Counselor comes in. When a boy chooses to work on a badge on his own, he must work with a Merit Badge Counselor.

If you have an area of interest or expertise in one or more of the current Merit Badges and would like to share your knowledge, then you are a good candidate to be a Merit Badge Counselor.

The course will cover the requirements of a Merit Badge Counselor, what the duties/expectations are of a Merit Badge Counselor and what you need to do to become a Merit Badge Counselor.

If you would like to attend, there are TWO options for signing up.  There is a sign up sheet at the Scout House OR you can register online by clicking HERE.

Note:  Although the online registration shows “tickets”, you won’t need a ticket to attend.  Just register and show up!

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Blackman.

Desserts for Pancake Supper

Hi Troop 464,

What?  Desserts?  With Pancakes for dinner?  Well, um…  Yes!

We will have a dessert table again this year, so:

1) Each family please bring some dessert 
(Cupcakes, Brownies, Cookies, Cakes, Pies or whatever!)
2) Wrap ‘em up, individual serving size, m arked for sale @ $0.50
3) Bring ‘em Friday night or Saturday for the event
Thanks and remember, “Life is uncertain… Eat dessert first!”
See you Friday,

Last Call For Auction Items! (Pancake Supper)

Hola Scout Families,

Well, our big event is this Saturday (with setup on Friday night)!
Y’all are doing great, but keep those auction items coming!  We have just over 50% of the auction items we should have.
LAST CALL, LAST CALL — Bring your auction items Tuesday!
If you know what you are bringing, you can email me so I can add it to the list and get the prep work done for it.
If you need until Friday night to bring an item, PLEASE email me and let me know what it is.  We simple cannot record, group up, prep bid sheets and sort out live vs silent items, for a bunch of stuff arriving Friday night.
Sorry to keep nagging, but let me say two things:
1) Our guests, our supporters deserve a good bunch of items and a good time
2) This will all be over this weekend, and then I won’t harass you any more!  :)
Many thanks,

Pancake Supper Chairman

March 3rd Troop Update

Hello Scouts and Scouters!
This week’s meeting on 3-March:
We’re having a normal troop meeting this week.
Full Class A uniforms.
Pancake Supper is this weekend!! Friday evening, folks need to be there to set up at 7PM at the FUMC. Saturday afternoon 2PM to 9PM for the event.
Next week is our Troop Spring Court of Honor. Scouts please arrive at 6:30 to help setup. Food assignments :
—– Drinks = “Phoenix” Patrol, “That” Patrol, and JASM Patrol
—– Fruit & Veggie Trays = “Killer Rabbit” Patrol and Senior Patrol
—– Dessets = “Anonymous” Patrol and “Davey Crocket” Patrol
—– Plates & Cups = “Bacon” Patrol and “The Best” Patrol
Before the meeting, starting at 6:25, Mrs. Patino is continuing the family life merit badge.
Open Signups:
Camp K 60th / OA 100th campout registration deadline is March 11th. cost is $10/participant lunch is provided by the camp.  Registrants should Plan for individual participation (transportation and chaperone required). The troop members are likely to gather at camp to perform service during the morning. The rest of the day is likely to be open/individual activities.
Upcoming events – See the Calendar

Adult and Leader Training Updates

Adults and Leaders,

I wanted to bring a couple of items to your attention.

1. A new section has been added to our website  which lists upcoming training opportunities for adult leaders. These will include classes such as IOLS, Scoutmaster Specfic Training, Wood Badge and more. I will be adding events from both our Bay Area Council as well as relevant training from other councils (e.g. SHAC). To view, go to “Troop Resources” then “Adult Leader Training Events”. You can also click here.

2. If you have taken training such as YPT or others online and the training is not showing up on your record, this is oftentimes due to the fact that your membership number has not been entered into your MyScouting record. It’s very easy to do and highly recommended.

See this document for instructions:  03_Reconcile_YPT_with_MyScouting_Profile

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

Jeff Blackman
Troop 464 Training Chair

Pancake Supper – Time for Auction Items!

It is time to get those auction items turned in! 

I have talked with the Scouts about Pancake Supper several times, but wanted to follow up with all of you as well.  Pancake Supper is a whole lot of fun — there is great food, friends eating together, and Scouts providing excellent service; there is the suspense of the silent auction and the sport of the live auction too!  It really is a great night.  And a key element to us taking great care of our guests and supporters is the items we put up for auction.

So please consider what you might provide, and take action now.  Below are some guidelines and suggestions.  We have looked back at our auction data over the years and have confirmed thoughts we have all had about what works well and what doesn’t.

I have tried to give a lot of examples to help, but we are always appreciative for whatever you are able to donate.

So here’s the Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

Some things which work well (the Good):

  • tickets donated by your employer (rodeo, concerts, sports, etc)
  • items made by you or your aunt, grandma, brother, friend, etc
  • a quilt or throw, table runner or cloth
  • a unique woodwork (remember the Texas and US maps? and the footballs? and the scout rank plaques?)
  • pickles, pies, pastries (homemade, secret family recipe kinda stuff)
  • framed photograph

Things which DO NOT work well (the Bad):

  • Gift Cards (I know!  They seem like a good idea, but they never sell for more than their value, and often less, so they just don’t generate any extra funds or excitement.)
More Good things:
  • Gift Certificates donated by a company (I know!  Almost like a gift card.  But these DO work because even if they don’t sell for their face value, they are still generating funds and fun.)  For example:
    • an hour massage donated by Massage Envy
    • Pest control service donated by the business
    • Driver’s Ed driving lessons donated by Silverlake Driving School
    • round of golf donated by the golf course

More not-so-good stuff (the Ugly):

  • That old, broken-down, rusted-out bicycle
  • That old, broken-down, ripped-up lazy-boy you are trying to get Dad to let go
  • That old, broken-down, leaky tent you wouldn’t even use to camp in the living room
  • (OK, no one has donated anything quite like these, but I had to get this in there to see if you were still reading.  Yes, keep reading, there’s more!)

More Good stuff:

  • Things that you have owned for a while, and still work fine, but you no longer need or use:
    • a pool or ping pong table you no longer use
    • nice pictures and art that don’t fit in your new decor
    • a fishing boat you no longer use (really!)
    • a big screen TV that works, but has been replaced by an even bigger one
    • an old rocking chair, end table, or bed frame
    • a working bicycle that is just not being ridden any more

Even more Good stuff:

  • a basket or kit that you assemble:
    • sports memorabilia – jerseys, hats, shoes, balls, especially autographed stuff
    • logo canopy (esp Texans, Cowboys, A&M, UT, UofH, Tech, LSU, Rockets, Dynamo, etc, etc)
    • movie night – DVD, popcorn with bowls, twizzlers, etc
    • cast iron dutch oven, with charcoal and a recipe and ingredients for cobbler
    • texans tailgating – logo chairs, cooler, and flag
    • picnic basket with soft drinks, snacks, maybe even s’more fixins and a tablecloth

Well, I hope that helps!  Feel free to email or call / text me at 281-850-8362, if you have any questions.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what to do with those auction items:Please turn ‘em in Tuesday nights at the Scout meetings.

And seriously, thank you in advance for these donations and all your support, care and efforts for our Scouts.

Many Thanks,


February 10th Troop Update

Hello Scouts and Scouters!
This week’s meeting on 10-February:
We’re having a normal troop meeting this week.
Full Class A uniforms.
How are your pancake supper ticket sales going? Don’t forget to bring two items per scout for the auction!

Brazos Bend Campout is this weekend. If you’re signed up already, patrols will be assigned tonight and meals picked out.
Open Signups:
Pancake Supper Group Ticket Sales. Contact Mrs. Patino for more details.

Upcoming events – see Calendar

February 3rd Troop Update

Hello Scouts and Scouters!
This week’s meeting on 3-February:
We’re having a normal troop meeting this week.
Full Class A uniforms.

How are your pancake supper ticket sales going? Don’t forget to bring two items per scout for the auction!

Open Signups:
Pancake Supper Group Ticket Sales. Contact Mrs. Patino for more details.

Upcoming Events – see the Calendar

Website Update!

Don’t worry – you are in the right spot!  (Troop 464)

If things look a little different than what you are used to, it’s because we are in the process of updating the website.

Keep checking back for more exciting changes and resources!

January 12 Troop Update

Hello Scouts and Scouters!

This week’s meeting on 6-January:

We’re having a normal troop meeting this week.

Full Class A uniforms.


Backpackers for Inks Lake need to bring their gear Tuesday for a gear check.


If you have any troop gear, please bring it to the meeting Tuesday night.


Open Signups:

Brazos Bend troop campout Feb 13 through 15.

Josey Merit Bade Jamboree Apr 10 through 12.

Upcoming events:

13 – Jan Pancake Supper Committee Meeting

17 to 19 – Jan Inks Lake campout

27 – Jan Pancake Supper Committee Meeting

31 – Jan Pearland Winterfest at Pearland Rec Center

1 – Feb PLC meeting 1 PM

10 – Feb Pancake Supper Committee Meeting

13 to 15 Feb Brazos Bend Campout

17 – Feb Pancake Supper Committee Meeting

21 Feb Northern Tier Shakedown TBD

24 – Feb Pancake Supper Committee Meeting

1 – Mar PLC meeting 1 PM

3 – Mar Pancake Supper Committee Meeting

6 – Mar Pancake Supper Setup 6 PM 7 – Mar Pancake Supper & Auction

10 – Mar Spring Court of Honor

17 – Mar No meeting

24 – Mar Troop Elections

5 – Apr PLC meeting 1 PM

10 to 12 Apr Josey Merit Badge Jamboree

24 to 26 Apr Northern Star District Cub-O-Ree

9 – May Pearland 5k – Pearland Town Center

15 to 17 – May Caprock Caverns Quitaque, TX

23- May Flags at Cemetery for Memorial Day

23 – May OA Spring Ordeal Camp Karankawa

Green – service hour opportunity

Red – external organization hosting an event

Gold – leadership extras

Blue – camping/outdoor activity

Troop Calendar! Troop website! If you have notes or comments you want included in the weekly update, please send them through David Albee.