Pancake Supper Information

2015 Pancake Supper Kickoff!


Pancake Supper Tickets will be distributed to all members of Troop 464 beginning this Tuesday night (Dec 16, 2014)!


This is our one and only fund raiser – We need your help to make this a successful event, so that we can help to fund our scouts and troop!


Ticket Sales:


1.Each Scout will receive a minimum of 50 tickets to be sold at $6 each ($300 total). Scouts can receive additional tickets in groups of 50 at any time from Mr. Hergert, Mrs Patino, Mr Hamlin, or Mr Zamora.


2. Scouts should always use the buddy system when selling tickets… never go selling door-to-door alone.


3. If a Scout sells at least $300 of tickets, he will earn 150 points to his Scout account for future Scout-related events (summer camp, fall camp, etc.). Any tickets sold above the $300 will earn half a point toward his account. For example, if Johnny sells 60 tickets, he will receive 180 points in his Scout account. The Scout must sell at least $300 worth of tickets from individual and group sales in order to receive any points in his Scout account. Otherwise all proceeds go toward the Troop fund.


4. Individual Sales Contest – Corporate sponsors are funding a cash sales contest for the top individual ticket seller. Tickets sold at group sales events (see Item 5 below) are not eligible for the sales contest. The scout selling the most tickets in individual sales as of Tuesday, March 3 will be awarded a cash prize. This cash prize is separate from the scout credit mentioned in Item 3 above.


5. Group Sales and Turning In Ticket Money information will follow at a later date.


Auction Items:


About 50% of the proceeds of our Pancake Supper & Auction come from the auction portion of our event. The key to a successful auction is popular auction items. As a result, every Scout is expected to bring two auction items for the pancake supper auction. Auction items can be delivered to the scout house any Tuesday night prior to the event.


Rather than purchase two items, this year we are stressing that you solicit auction item donations from local businesses and employers. In additional to being less of a financial burden to the Scout families, it will also improve the quality of auction items we receive. A donor letter is available to any business who requests documentation. The final date for auction items will be announced come at a later date.

December 15th Troop Update

Hello Scouts and Scouters!

This week’s meeting on 16-December:

Full Class A uniforms.


Inks Lake backpackers meet with Mr. Lentz with your pack, sleeping bag, pad and boots during the troop meeting.


Pancake Supper Tickets will be handed out!

No troop meeting on the 23rd or 30th of December.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Open Signups: Inks Lake troop campout January 17 through 19.

Brazos Bend troop campout Feb 13 through 18.

Woodbadge 2015 registration! Please see Mr. Albee if any adults are interested in taking their Scouting experience to the next level.

Upcoming events:

16 – Dec Troop Committee Meeting 7 PM

20 – Dec Engineering Merit badge and Whoosh STEM award at Sea Scout Base Galveston

20 – Dec Gift Basket delivery for FUMC 7:30 AM

20 – Dec Skyzone lock-in leaving the scout house at 10 PM

3 – Jan Justin Campbell and Elliott Fleming Eagle Court of Honor FUMC MFC

4 – Jan PLC meeting 1 PM

7 – Jan Cub O Ree meeting 7 PM

9 – 11 Jan OA Winter Ordeal at Camp Karankawa

13 – Jan Pancake Supper Committee Meeting

17 to 19 – Jan Inks Lake campout

27 – Jan Pancake Supper Committee Meeting

31 – Jan Pearland Winterfest at Pearland Rec Center

1 - Feb PLC meeting 1 PM

10 – Feb Pancake Supper Committee Meeting

13 to 15 Feb Brazos Bend Campout

17 – Feb Pancake Supper Committee Meeting

24 – Feb Pancake Supper Committee Meeting

1 - Mar PLC meeting 1 PM

3 – Mar Pancake Supper Committee Meeting

6 – Mar Pancake Supper Setup 6 PM 7 – Mar Pancake Supper & Auction

10 – Mar Spring Court of Honor

17 – Mar No meeting

24 – Mar Troop Elections

5 - Apr PLC meeting 1 PM

10 to 12 Apr Josey Jamboree

24 to 26 Apr Cub-O-Ree

23- May Flags at Cemetery for Memorial Day

Green – service hour opportunity

Red – external organization hosting an event

Gold – leadership extras

Blue – camping/outdoor activity

Troop Calendar! Troop website! If you have notes or comments you want included in the weekly update, please send them through David Albee.

General Meeting and Lockin Information

NT meeting will start 7:15 pm at the scout house on Dec 9, 2014 after opening.


Stone Moves lock in (after gift basket distribution in the morning of Dec 20, 2014) is leaving scout house at 10pm.  The rock gym is open for lock in from 11-7 am.

I am hoping to get the boys back at 8-9am.  I would also like to ask  for adult volunteers for YPT purposes.  At least 3 adults need to be present on any outing of 8 or more scouts.


Thank you,

Hung Pham

Northern Teir Meeting

All Northern Tier participants,


There will be a Northern Tier meeting on Tuesday December 9, 2014.  All leaders and scouts (with parents) need to be present.  We have prepared a commitment agreement.


Thank you,

Hung Pham

FUMC Gift Basket Delivery

All scouts and scouters,


Our year is coming to an end.  We always help FUMC with gift basket delivery in the area.  As an appreciation for the scouts’ help, we are taking the kids out for an overnight at Stone Moves Rock Gym that night paid by the Troop Committee.


Gift baskets distribution starts at 7:30 am.

Stone Moves departure 10 pm.


Thank you,

Hung Pham

Kickapoo Campout info

Hello Scouts, Scouters and Parents,


The scouts had a wonderful time at the Kickapoo Caverns.  Look for pictures soon.


Athletics Merit Badge

Special offer of discounted price of $20 for Boy Scouts to attend the Battle of the Piney Wood classic game with Stephen F. Austin vs. Sam Houston State on November 1. Scouts will be able to participate in the pre-game Athletics Merit Badge out on the Houston Texans field, will also meet former Houston Texan JJ Moses and receive commemorative patch per Scout. Contact Cameron Walker at 832-667-2103 or to secure your seats today! This event will work towards but not complete the goals for the athletics badge. A checklist will be provided at the event of completed requirements.  (I do not have at this time which exact requirements they will be completing but have been told it will a majority of them) There is not an official start time at this moment since they are still getting details worked out with NRG Stadium and the participating teams in the Battle of the Piney Woods.  That information will be relayed to all once finalized.  More than likely will be around 11am-1pm start time. Regards, Vernon

Remind – Troop Reminder Text Service

Remind provides a secure method of one way text notifications for troop activities.  The attached flyer will provide you information so you can sign up. Click on link for flyer: Troop 464 Remind

2015 NOAC Information

Here is some information about 2015 NOAC.
It runs August 3-8, 2015 at Michigan State University.
The lodge has estimated that NOAC will cost about $1200. This will most likely go down because the lodge has not decided the mode of transportation yet.

Nick Albee
Troop 464 OA Representative

Eagle Scout Documents

Click here for the following documents:

Eagle Scout Rank Application

512-927 Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook